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Actionscript Cookie Util

Hi folks,

a lot of time has gone by since my last post, I’m quite busy at the moment. But this didn’t stop me from setting up this post. I have written a small utility class which I think some of you really would like to use. It is a small class that makes it possible to set Cookies via Actionscript without adding anything to the HTML Wrapper, all the code will be injected at runtime.

I have packaged the whole thing as a ready to use flex project but feel free to use it in any other Actionscript 3 environment (Flash or pure AS3). You can grab the files here

The Util comes with methods for setting, getting and removing cookies – as mentioned before you do not have to change a single line in your wrapper, just import the class and start setting cookies from flash or flex. I have made this util because of some concerns using Flash Cookies (Shared Objects) with Internet Explorer 6 – now i do not use Shared Objects anymore if I do not really need them. I really do not know why this doesn’t come with any of the Adobe utils.

To use the util, download the file and put the de/aggro/utils/CookieUtil into your source folder, then try the following:

import de.aggro.utils.CookieUtil;
//Set a cookie named mycookie with a value of mycookie value with a time to live of 30 days
CookieUtil.setCookie("mycookie", "mycookie value", 30);
//Get that cookie and trace its value
//Delete the cookie from the users computer

Feel free to use the util for any commercial, private or educational purposes and drop me a comment if you like it.


Wow, I can’t believe how many people claim this as their own code – I’m not complaining but just renaming or removing the package name isn’t enough for a cheap copy 🙂 Here are some examples (my js functions name starts with ‘snw_’ – this is our shirtnetwork prefix so this is quite funny to see): (he dropped a comment, so everything fine here now) (added link to this post, changed package name – no problem)

And here is one I like, he links to this post and he didn’t rename the package to claim it as his own (at least i think that):

Guys if you take the util this is fine, but if you just rename the package and put it onto your page without a backlink this sucks .